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carefree woman dancing in field

Little Little Town

I grew up in a little, little townI used to play ball on the old playgroundTeacher gave me stars for bein’ real goodTeacher gave me grades for knowin’ the rulesWell how come then that things do changeYou go away, well, and you get to feel strange But I don’t feel so big no moreSince I …

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man dreaming at ocean


In a place full of wonderIn a town by the seaThere’s a dreamer who sitsWith his head on his kneesAnd he calls out to the heavensSpeaks to the one on highAnd he says LordYou got to help meYou got to hear my cry Little boy runs to schoolTo get in on the gameKicks the ball, …

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carefree woman dancing in field

Show Me

When I look in your eyesI see blueSee the sky open wideYes, it’s trueIn the lightThere’s a shine on your faceAnd it tells meI’ve found a new place She’s a girlWith a smile so deepAnd a storyThat winds like a streamWell you make meFeel warm in the windYou protect meFrom rain comin’ in So show …

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