Capturing What’s Within

One of the themes of my book is to think unconventionally. The way things are the way they should be or are supposed to be.

Give folks a new perspective, but first I had to write it.

For years, I thought about writing a novel. It was there, it was screaming to get out, but I couldn’t bring it to the surface. There were the detractors, the demons telling me I couldn’t do it. I bet You know what I mean.

Sure, my day job was challenging enough and the weekends are for catching up and blowing off steam. Then the weekend comes to an end, and nothing has changed. Monday is a relief you know the week’s routine. Another week passes. One day you wake up, it’s your last day, and you retire in the traditional sense. There’s a void. The calendar is open, or certainly more open than it was. Now, whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to awaken the beast within, or is it the beauty?

There’s no more excuse for ignoring what was sitting and bubbling in the back of my mind. You can’t hide behind the word “retire” just because it suggests that you stopped doing something. I prefer borrowing a word from school graduation like “commencement.” It was time to START something.

So, there was no more reason to delay putting pen to paper. With a lot of heavy lifting, the book finally took shape. It was much more difficult than I envisioned, and it took a lot of discipline to get it done. But that made it more rewarding.

It was like watching an extension of yourself appear. Yes, it was always there, but I had to retrieve it.  One more benefit. I liked the guy who wrote the book. You can be one of those people too.

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