man dreaming at ocean


In a place full of wonder
In a town by the sea
There’s a dreamer who sits
With his head on his knees
And he calls out to the heavens
Speaks to the one on high
And he says Lord
You got to help me
You got to hear my cry

Little boy runs to school
To get in on the game
Kicks the ball, scores the goal
Basks in all the fame
Glory comes to the kid
He hears the cheers so deep
The world is now
The world is here
The world is at your feet

And he wants to be loved
And he wants to be known
He’s seen a lot of people
But they’re already grown
He’s walking around
But he’s not walking clear
And he wants to be part of
The ones who hold him dear

Ⓒ 2021, Allen Danzig

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